Consolidating p47

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Consolidating p47

Mobil Vactra Oil Numbered Series products are recommended for the lubrication of machine tool slideway systems.They are designed for use with combinations of cast iron, steel and non-metallic way materials.

The retail price of one-liter bottle of Coca Cola, for one, is projected to increase to P42.2 per bottle from the current P31 per liter.

This test can also be used to diagnose chronic granulomatous disease.

The principles are the same as for the NBT dye test, but a different dye is used.

Neutrophils in patients with chronic granulomatous disease are unable to reduce oxidized NBT to insoluble blue formazan; this principle forms the basis of the standard diagnostic screening test for chronic granulomatous disease.

This test is best used to identify gene carriers, and it has been used for the prenatal diagnosis of chronic granulomatous disease.

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