Dating a cholo

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Dating a cholo

Not to be some poser who will always be in trouble and who always will get picked on by the cops. i agree its funny to see a old cholo wear the same thing he did in high school you think they would at least improve to a pachuco and style it up a bit but yea they do give us latinos a bad label a pachuco has a nice clean ride . polished shoes and some funnny hats with feathers on them and to be pressed not all raggedy.

but you still the same dirty wife betting shirt wearin wannbe thug .

This follows the stories of two groups —the old-school Chicanos and the new school— to explore how the word has evolved over time.

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Meet Deadlee, the gay, rapping cholo who has spent years challenging the idea of what gay men should look like — and what cholos should look like, for that matter.