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Jamaican dating scams

Many of these are elderly or vulnerable adults, and often (but not always) victims themselves. These “mules” may or may not know that they are assisting fraud, but they are themselves liable for at least aiding and abetting fraud, and many have gone to jail.

Anyone who deals with older fraud victims is almost certain to come across this situation.

The choice of which to do often depends, of course, on whether the “mule” is aware that they are involved in a fraud, or ends their role after being notified that they are laundering money.

Of course, if the mule is making money for their efforts it is more likely that they will be regarded as an aider and abettor of fraud.

Older Victims Being Used by Frauds to Launder Money There is no point in running a fraud if you can’t collect the ill-gotten gains.

As Western Union and Money Gram have made attempts to clamp down on the use of their systems to send money, the scammers have been recruiting older consumers to help them launder the money.

Imagine though, you have lost your husband of many years and, even though he wasn't a saint, his passing created a void in your life. Years have passed since his death and you are starting to become more independent.

You don't rely on your grown children for advice as much as when you were first bereaved.

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The victims, from Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota and South Carolina, mailed money to Huff, who then wired it in nearly 300 transfers to other people in Jamaica. "If you know of a senior or a loved one who's been scammed, let us know," Shapiro said.