Priority mail delivery confirmation not updating

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Priority mail delivery confirmation not updating

If you are using postage stamps, aviation security requires that you take packages 16 oz. jeez, i wish people would check the facts first instead of posting stuff like "i believe.." otherwise, it's misleading and not constructive.

facts are you can drop off in a mailbox any Priority Mail package 1 lb or less if you're using you use the online mailing label with online postage, the maximum is 5 lbs. at least around here thats only if its 1 poundspersonally i find Fed EX ground (when you take it to their counter) a lot cheaper than USPS or UPS for anything over a few pounds, plus it comes with free tracking and 0 insurance I stopped using USPS Priority after the rate increase.

Sometimes it is critical to be confirmed if your outgoing email was actually delivered to the desired email address or if your contact read it or not.

This article aims to describe various email confirmation methods that can help you achieve this goal.

First here's what I suspect you think: the tracking offered by the USPS with their Delivery Confirmation service offers no protection to the buyer or seller of the goods unless the package is insured.I've got 11 years of online selling under my belt and have shipped somewhere between 15,000 and 18,000 packages in that time yet both of these incidents still made me nervous.Thankfully in each case the buyer on the other end of my transaction was a repeat customer whom I'd already had an established relationship with. You can now print labels online and add Delivery Confirmation to a Priority Mail package for free.It was billed to my credit card and only took a few minutes to register. I always ship e Bay crap and had to go to the damn post office because they required it to get delivery confirmation. Edited: Here is the answer (YES you can drop it off anywhere)Q.

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I wouldn't be writing about this except it's now happened twice in the span of a few weeks.