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But when he starts dating a Professor, he stops trying to sleep with her and immediately becomes more intriguing. And she takes a lot of heat for her singing, her activism, and her loud opinions – almost everything she does, really. a progressive, rebellious, and strong-willed hipster. Unfortunately for her, she hasn’t had made any cause that popular yet.

(AO3)Prompt: We’re shooting the scene where I swallow your heart and you make me/spit it up again.

Abed (Danny Pudi) is off to Hollywood to explore his dreams, working on a TV show (for Fox!

) while Annie (Alison Brie) is heading to Washington, where she's landed an internship with the FBI.

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ended its first (and perhaps only) full season on Yahoo Screen this Tuesday with an episode that could have very well served as a series finale as well.

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” And to you, hypothetical reader-people, I say, yes, kinda sorta.

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