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WOMAN: We’re in my bedroom, what used to be my precious, gorgeous bedroom.

JEFFREY BROWN: Debris, mud, a life overturned; 90-year old Amos Pierce told us of that moment.

After graduating from Simmons College in 1977, she interned at The Boston Herald.

Afterward, Ifill herself confirmed to the news of her return with a great interview with President.

But now she has come back and has been working for PBS.

JEFFREY BROWN: A place for a child to play, for neighbors to enjoy green space and a sense of community. WENDELL PIERCE: I would hide in the bunker back here. It was the only place where black golfers could play. JEFFREY BROWN: Pierce, who trained at Juilliard, is best known as Detective Bunk Moreland from the HBO series “The Wire,” and then as a down-and-out musician in post-Katrina New Orleans in the TV series “Treme.” WENDELL PIERCE: And these are our first two model homes.

JEFFREY BROWN: It was a secure and happy home for the Pierces, until, with Katrina, it wasn’t as floodwaters rushed into Pontchartrain Park, damaging everything in their path. And three months later, Pierce returned with his elderly parents and took this home video.

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She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications.

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